Visioning statement and Occupy Harrisburg future Plans


Visioning July 9, 2012 – Midtown Scholar – The Path Forward for Occupy Harrisburg

Task: each person was requested to compose a list of interests/concerns that they felt should be the focus attention and actions of Occupy Harrisburg.  Each person’s list was given consideration. Areas of interest or concern that appeared on multiple lists were scored accordingly for future action.

Click here to access the occu-doc.

[Ed Note: We took slightly different angle than the National Gathering vision statement using a similar process. if you're looking for the National Gathering vision statement here it is]


       Community Education/Outreach

Ø      Help members of the community attain GED. Ian is working on this. Contact him to help.

Ø      Clean up parks – John Rash/Jackie spearheaded effort at Italian Lake 7/15

Ø      Adopt – A – Highway

Ø      Tabling at/around community events

Ø      Reach out to college students (upon return in fall) Karl will take the lead on this. Contact him if interested


Ø      Connect with other Environmental groups

Ø      Meet with Representatives regarding their voting record on environment

Ø      Meet with SRBC

Political Accountability

Ø      Democracy Now Questionnaire – use during meeting with Representatives

Money Out of Politics

Ø      Nov. 5 – repeat Move Your Money Day. Flyer/possible teach – in October?

Ø      Flyers – repeal Glass/Steagall

Ø      Stamping $$ - Jackie is ordering stamps. Sharpies work too!

Ø      Sleep Ins at Banks

Ø      Follow Keystone Research for in depth reporting

Ø      Signs on Banks/ATMS ex:”foreclosed”

Mutual Aid

Ø      Support Free Store

Ø      Schedule Skill Shares

Ø      Work shop on interpersonal relationships, empathy, compassion, respect 


Ø      Art Project – Tyler is planning. Contact him for details

Ø      Plant open space/vacant lots/abandoned parks

Ø      Aid elderly with yard work

Ø      Support existing Gardens/Groups – See Ned for more info

Other Ideas

#CorbettEpicFail Banner in park across from Governor’s Mansion

Election in Nov. – 3rd Party, Vote Occupy, Vote of No Confidence

Buy Local/Small Business Campaigns

Connect with/ help Start Up other Occupies


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