URGENT: Help Save Satori Farm NOW!

Update: Judge grants Temporary Retraining Order.

84 year old Phillip Conklin with Stephen Conklin Sr at Satori Farm
Phillip Conklin, 84, with his son Stephen Conklin Sr.

We've been talking about the eviction of the Conklin Family but there's STILL TIME for a federal Judge to step in. View the proof of fraud here. Please call and fax Judge Robert D. Mariani here:

Judge Robert D. Mariani
Phone (570) 207-5750
Fax: (570) 207-5759

You can use free fax services such as FaxZero. Be sure to have everyone you know send a fax and make a call!

Here's a sample fax to send. Feel free to personalize it with your own story:

Dear Judge Robert D. Mariani:

I'm writing you in support of Stephen Conklin Sr., his 84 year old father, and his family. I am requesting a Temporary Restraining Order and give Mr. Conklin a fair trial.

You were generous enough to grant a 2 week Temporary Restraining Order on December 7th but if you fail to act by 2PM Thursday the family will be evicted. The case number is 1:10-CV-2501

It's a shame that this veteran, who fought in WWII to defend the American Dream, is having it stolen from him with fraudulent documents from several banks. Lynn Szymoniak verified the fraud. Judge Arthur Schack of NY has thrown out cases with just a fraction of the fraud Mr. Conklin has discovered

Thank You,

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5 Responses to URGENT: Help Save Satori Farm NOW!

  1. Lorenzo DiBagno says:

    My 82 Year Old Father In Law lost his housof 50 Years from a Scam Artist that prey on Old Lonely people. I wish you the best on your Fathers Farm..

    • Jessica says:

      This story is not what you think.  This just goes to show how far some people will go to avoid paying their mortgage because they think they can take advantage of how the law is designed to protect the truely innocent.

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