Occupy Harrisburg Zombie Demonstrator Arrested

(Harrisburg, PA) - An Occupy Harrisburg protester was arrested this
morning at the Capital City Mall for dressing like a zombie.

In order to call attention to mindless consumerism and corporate
greed, about 15 protesters dressed like zombies and joined the early
morning shoppers walking around the mall. The street theater was part
of Occupy Black Friday, a nationwide event.

The zombie protesters were peaceful, walked in pairs, and at no time
were disruptive to shoppers.

Private security for the mall told the zombie protesters that they
either had to wash their faces or leave the property.

Lower Allen Township police arrested one woman at about 5 a.m. and
charged her with trespassing, according to Chief Frank E. Williamson
Jr., who was at the scene. The protester, Jenn Hara, was handcuffed
and taken to the police station. At no point did she physically resist

"I was merely asking security for more information regarding their
regulations which restrict 'obscuring' a person's face," Hara said. "I
did not refuse to leave."

Occupy Harrisburg is deeply disappointed by the police reaction to a
peaceful demonstration.

The zombies were joined by about 30 other Occupy Harrisburg
demonstrators on the sidewalk outside the mall. Occupy Harrisburg
finds it disheartening to see people go further into debt for the
holiday season, at a time when the poorest 80 percent of Americans own
only 7 percent of the wealth.


Contact: Jefferson Pepper 717-315-5432
or 717-938-4332


Website: www.occupyharrisburg.org


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4 Responses to Occupy Harrisburg Zombie Demonstrator Arrested

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  3. Carolyn Doric says:

    Todd, it is not “our system,” as both our government and our economy have been corrupted almost beyond recognition. Those corporate forces that run “our system” are answerable to nobody, least of all the government they control and the citizens forced to guarantee their continued survival when their house of cards come down upon us all.
    I wonder how long it will be before apologists for unrestrained corporate power start implying democracy itself is socialist & Marxist. The psychopathic greed that rules big energy corporations in every arena have succeeded in writing the rules that ensures the playing field is always tilted so that every movement is directed into their pockets. They will lie, cheat, steal and pollute the world to death because they have no moral compass. They do not care that their criminal irresponsibility has cost millions of people their jobs and their homes, even their health, their lives, and their freedom. Without an allegiance to an ethic responsive to others, with a mindless focus upon short-term profit, they act as a terminal sociopathic disease upon culture, economics & government.

    Of course they and their political henchmen & women will go into overdrive to defame & discredit anybody that dares to question their power to destroy, but we have an OBLIGATION to do just that. Sociopathic corporate forces have co-opted “our” legislators at all levels, purchased our media and over-ruled any attempt at democratic dialogue to solve problems that threaten economic & environmental disaster. When the consequences of their covert corruption of democracy can no longer be disguised by drumming up hate for targeted groups, I have no doubt they will move overtly to hammer the final nails in our democratic coffin.

    We have no other power than our objections, our joined voices. We have no choice but to take on the responsibility to raise our voices. We are fighting for your survival, too; and for your children’s inheritance, a decent culture and a fruitful world worthy of our highest aspirations for the future.

  4. Dave says:

    “History records that the “money changers” have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling the money and its issuance.” – James Madison

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