Occupy Harrisburg Evicted from Encampment

eviction1Occupy Harrisburg members were evicted from their encampment today at 1pm. Members were only given less than two hours notice before police, a military vehicle, bus and Live Team showed up to remove them.

Members stayed arm-locked in the center of the camp and no one was arrested. The camp has been cleared and they were instructed to leave the Riverfront by 10pm (the park's closing time).

This eviction came while many Occupiers in the area were busy attending the Redistricting Hearing.

Please Join us for our 7pm General Assembly at the Capitol steps to discuss how we will move forward.









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One Response to Occupy Harrisburg Evicted from Encampment

  1. Art says:

    Raw Video is the Real News!


    #Occupy #OWS #Solidarity

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