Occupy Harrisburg and Occupy Lancaster Disrupt Redistricting Hearing

Individuals from Occupy Harrisburg and Occupy Lancaster showed up to the redistricting commission public hearing today. Interestingly, the Riverfront Encampment was raided at the same time. The hearing only allowed some members of the public to testify and required them to register in advance to do so.


Gerrymandering Hearing Speech

(Should be read line-by-line over the human mic)
We, the people
We, the people
Of the commonwealth
Here and now
In this public forum
Petition the government
For a redress of grievances
As is our right.
This hearing
And the political process it represents
Is ineffectual
it is unjust.
All voices should be heard
We are here
This process
Leaves voices unheard
The requirements to testify
Exclude most citizens
Like those with nine to five jobs
Like those without phones
Like those without homes
But we are here
Our testimony
Will not be screened
We, the people
Are here to say
Governments don't pick us.
We pick the Government.
Is intended
To provide
Equal representation
The Constitution
Of Pennsylvania
Article two, Section six-teen
The last line
Reads as follows:
Unless absolutely necessary
no county,
Incorporated town,
Or ward
Shall be divided
In forming either
A senatorial
Or representative district
Are these new district borders
"Absolutely necessary?"
Is this in the interest
Of the people
Or the politicians
We invite you
To join us
At Third and State Street
Tonight at seven
For the people's General Assembly
We can have a REAL hearing
And show you
What democracy looks like!
Rebuild the community
Listen to the people
Open the doors

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3 Responses to Occupy Harrisburg and Occupy Lancaster Disrupt Redistricting Hearing

  1. Art says:

    Please post the text of the mic check if you can…

  2. Roland says:

    Great Job Guys!!

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