Next General Assembly 2PM 10/16/11

Sorry for lack of updates. The next general assembly will be at 2pm

See Press Release on previous day:

We’re Here. We’re the 99 Percent
*Occupy Harrisburg protesting at State Capitol*

Contact: Jefferson Pepper
717-315-5432 or 717-938-4332

(Harrisburg, PA)

Occupy Harrisburg protesters have decided to continue the occupation at the steps of the state Capitol in Harrisburg for another 24 hours till midnight on Sunday.

"We first want to thank the many people showing us solidarity by honking their horns as they pass. Secondly we would like to thank the Capital Police for working with us. Plus all those who donated food, drinks and blankets. They are the 99%. "

"We have decided to stay for another 24 hours because of the support and commitment of this enthusiastic community."

We appreciate the support of the unions and local businesses. Wall Street really does meet Main street here.

Mike Moore from Swatara Thownship said, "This group encourages me because it gives credit to young people, the gainfully employed, comfortable retired elderly, unemployed and the disabled. The whole village is here."

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One Response to Next General Assembly 2PM 10/16/11

  1. iggle b says:

    Long live the Mediocracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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