Meeting Minutes from Second General Assembly Posted

Occupy Harrisburg General Assembly 10/09/2011

The meeting started promptly at 4:00 PM, approximately 150 people were in attendance. The meeting was held at Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg.

The meeting started with a vote regarding media. By consensus, the group determined that media was allowed to report on the meeting. Anyone not wishing to be seen by the media was to stay on the balcony. Not all media outlets honored the no video taping the balcony request, but it was made.

A big discussion took place on the need for work-groups. A proposal, based off of the feedback was presented. After review, this proposal, by consensus was enacted. Five work groups were formed, each having points of contact. These five work-groups were: Logistic, Hospitality and Morale, Health and Safety, Public Relations, and Movement Development.

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  1. karl dunkleberger says:

    we are the 99% we are strong , we are United , we are the “99″ we are Legend

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