Lisa Longo & Richard Liston to Speak at Capitol Steps – Nov. 19th at 2pm

Pennsylvania Capitol Mark Your Calendars! Lisa Longo and Richard Liston are scheduled
to speak at Occupy Harrisburg (on the Capitol steps) at 2pm on November 19th.

Lisa Longo

Lisa is a parent, business owner and political junkie. She spends her free time writing to legislators, posting political commentary on her blog and Facebook, and writing a monthly Op-Ed for her local newspaper. With her background in finance and business management, Lisa brings a fiscally conservative, socially just and progressive point of view to our current economic trauma. An ardent environmentalist, Lisa was one of over 1,200 arrested in September at the 1st Tar Sands Action, and was there for the 15,000 strong "hug" of the White House several weeks ago. - Join us for a lively conversation on Lisa's thoughts on "Why we Occupy" and what it could mean for us.

Richard Liston

Richard Liston is the founder of The Sphere College Project, an alternative institution of higher education for adults in Phoenixville, PA. He has developed a communication workshop to helps groups improve their process and accomplish more by applying principles from multiple disciplines. He will be speaking about how aspects of the current state of our society may impact the effectiveness of grassroots movements like the Occupy movement, and how these groups may respond (using Occupy Phoenixville as an example).


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One Response to Lisa Longo & Richard Liston to Speak at Capitol Steps – Nov. 19th at 2pm

  1. traveller says:

    How multi-generational is Occupy Harrisburg? Last Friday I visited OWS NYC. I was pleasantly surprised how mult-generational the participants and vistors were. Everybody was welcome to participate in discussions, ask questions and comment. Older people were encouraged to valuable perpectives on many aspects of recent American history to younger participants. Younger people were encouraged to interact with others who did not meet a traditional student age requirement. It was remarkably civilized, with hundreds of international tourists participating, taking photos etc. Most of the middel aged people(35-50 year olds) participants were focused on the loss of small business opportunites as a result of the big box revolution or they were people who had partiparted in the NYC banking/investmetn scene and could not tolerate any longer. The majority of the conversations though involved people though were either under about 30 -32 or over 55-60. Is Occupy Harrisburg open to all or is it primarily a student movement?
    PS One of the people I spoke with at length was a PSU student who was so distraught by the football scandal he left State College last Thursday night. We talked at length about the value of the University beyond football. We agreed that the corruption in this instution was part of the same corruption that has infected Congress and the US Supreme Court. According to reports tonight, Justices Scalia and Thomas had dinner this week with the law firm that is going to argue before the Court that the new health care law should be voided. There is no way to get rid of the people that gave us the Citizens United decision (funded by the Koch Brothers with “old money” that Daddy Koch made during the 1930′s developing oil fields for the Communist government of Joseph Stalin in the former.Union of Soviet Socialist Repulblics -check out history of Koch family wealth)

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