Join Us at Riverfront Park – Bring Your Tents!

Occupy Harrisburg is calling all supporters and legal observers! Please stand in solidarity with us at Riverfront Park on Front and State streets, down from the Capitol steps! Right now! If anyone can bring food, entertainment, supplies, signs, etc... please do!

A long term occupation has been started at Riverfront Park. The park officially closes at 10:00 and we need as many people as possible to be there (both people who want to be involved and anyone who can act as a legal observer) to support the encampment.

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2 Responses to Join Us at Riverfront Park – Bring Your Tents!

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  2. Emma says:

    I have a large Coleman tent that’s missing its poles. If anyone has extra poles or another way to make it stand, I would be happy to bring it by. Would it be useful?

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