Call-In Tomorrow Morning to Support Occupy Harrisburg on SmartTalk

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Occupy Harrisburg is scheduled to appear on WITF's SmartTalk radio show tomorrow morning (11/3/11) from 9am to 10am. Jennifer Stefano (Communications Director for American's for Prosperity) will also be joining the show. Stefano is a paid activist working to promote the national legislative agenda approved by the 1% at yearly meetings.

AFP is funded by the 1% for the 1%. We welcome all members of Americans for Prosperity who feel their policies have betrayed the original intent of the tea party to join our movement.

Let's show our support by listening, calling-in with questions and commenting on WITF's Facebook and Twitter accounts in support of Occupy Harrisburg!

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2 Responses to Call-In Tomorrow Morning to Support Occupy Harrisburg on SmartTalk

  1. Snuggles says:

    This is a message that I read on FaceBook and you should be aware of this. It was on Occupy Lancaster facebook page…..Here’s the message that was posted.
    Brendan Murray I come from Occupy Harrisburg with solidarity. We have a few thing to ask of your movement. 1st we have a represenative on smarttalk witf 89.5 tomorrow ith a paid for profite tea party person. I do not have her name, but she works for Americans for Prosperity. A front group for either the Koch brothers or Carl Roves outfit. Either was she will be out to discredit the movement. We ask for a call to action if you could call in to the show and ask easy question to Jeferson Peppers or very hard questions to her. Brendan

  2. BrettB says:

    Thanks snuggles Brenden posted that for us:)

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