7/8 GA Notes


- Outreach

Italian Lake possible alternate date to spruccew, garden and pull weeds.
Liason - Jackie Wislon - All hands interestedJackie will let us know and event.

Tabling at the Market, pass out literature/information, Saturday mornings.
(Canopy will be needed, Sarah has believably a canopy) Josh spearheading,
Jackie cofacilitating

4th and Peffer St Lot - Flyer Area - Conduct a GA there - Darryll/Nelson

House is back in session on Sept 24th.

Sept 17th - Shut em' down - Massive March planned in NYC (OWS)

PR - Current websites need to be updated regurly, Darryll suggested Lots of Hands as recommended
by Marie.

Gardening and Brewing -

Occupy Your Mind
Jackie to lead vision process at 5:30 to 7:00
07/09 event was cancelled; flash mob practice/rehearsal in courtyard to
broad street market at 7:30pm Monday 07/09/12.
07/23/12 Patriarchy - Dr. Rita Kurtz - General Intro to What Patriarchy is and how to
recognize it

Free Store at Walnut/Front 10am setup- through 4 (tear down)- July 28th, 2012
- All welcome, Please bring Donations if possible; entertaining bag lunch for free store;
Musicians welcome to participate at event!

Introduction -

Long-term Occupation -
Steps participation, recruiting, (re)visioning, Community Building,

Presence at Capitol Steps 3.0 - There is a drain and a necessity to maintain presence;
safety is a concern; articulation is a necessity to foster interest.Possible need to
man steps with those who can articulate themselves and actually want to be there!
Changing the appearance of the steps to be more intriguing! Possible alternate location.
OHBG remains divided about the future of the steps occupation, a dialogue continues.

Community and Affinity Outreach -
PR image, Draw people through forum; provide education outreach, HMAC, Scholar,
Open Panel Discussions, reachout to the community to show we are apart of them as they are of us!
Community/Democrarcy Rising, Common Cause, etc. Petitioning; Squatting(?).
Other locations to occupy to promote setiment!

Working Groups - existing working groups read off by DH, archive inactive groups!

New Working Groups - Possibly Fatimah Filming!-

Moving forward - Visioning Process is to be scheduled for tomorrow (Jackie)

DC - July 25th -28th Training for Anti-Fracking!!
Quaker from Moscow at 1800 tomorrow night, presentation on social climate; all invited
Community Assembly - On every Wednesday 7pm!

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One Response to 7/8 GA Notes

  1. Phaedrus12 says:

    What happened this Occupy group?   AAfter the tele-conference (3 of us) there was nothing ever established. Let's get on the ball again. I have 2 more months to be a non-protester, but feel free to read my my blog. Peace,  Pleace contact me. //DRizzO

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